Design of Bricks Work - Screen Printing

Until about 2 years ago I never understood the screen-printing process, and I became determined to teach myself. The first thing I did was to carry out some proper vigorous Googling, and eventually bought the book Silkscreen Basics by Matteo Cossu. After borrowing a floodlight, making some frames, buying a Diablo printing kit and creating a makeshift squeegee out of a milk bottle I just about managed to print some t-shirts. Considering my DIY approach the prints seemed surprisingly good to my untrained eye.

However, since learning how it works I've realized that drying prepped screens in your wardrobe, working out exposure times using a floodlight suspended between two chairs, and washing out exposed screens in the shower, is not an easy way to screen-print. To do it properly you need a decent area to set up your own kit, and for one design a month like I've been producing it isn't worth it.

As a result of having a crack at hillbilly screen-printing, and wanting to get my flat deposit back, the prints I'm working on will be printed professionally! Bristol themed prints to follow very soon....