Bricks Abroad...

As of the 16th March I have been out in Australia on a working holiday visa, more info about that on The Goldbricks here. This has made doing regular illustrations a bit harder as I've been travelling around for most of the time so far on turbulent flights, bumpy outback roads in a camper van and sleeper trains through the Northern Territories. 

I have finished vectoring a couple of older sketches which are uploaded in the homepage portfolio. Soon I'll be settling in Margaret River to work in some vineyards pruning endless runs of vines so it will be easier to do more sketches again...

Keep an eye on twitter and instagram...

The Goldbricks Website Launch & Update

I haven’t been posting as much on Instagram and Facebook recently because I’ve been working on changing around my websites, and thankfully, the sites are now pretty much finished.

The blog section of Design of Bricks quickly changed from just news about my illustration work into covering all kinds of topics such as Surfing, Skating, Graffiti, Street Art, Typography and Graphic Design. Although a lot of the things I covered on the blog was directly influencing my graphic design/illustration work, I felt it would be better run as its own site.

There is now this ‘News’ section on Design of Bricks which will continue to cover my illustration work exclusively.

All other the content of the old blog section on Design of Bricks is now redirected and run from and it gets continually updated a minimum of every week but usually more regularly. I wanted to make the look of The Goldbricks far simpler, cleaner and less like a timeline layout.

The Goldbricks will be continue to cover art, graffiti, street art and music events in and around Bristol and London as well as a wide range of other topics like Surfing, Skateboarding, Films, Photography, Urban Exploration. I am hoping to grow it and include some posts from some other contributors so if you know would like to submit content of any kind then get in touch.

As well as just the nerdy techie web stuff, I have been working on putting together some more limited edition vinyl sticker packs which will be up on the shop soon. The last lot has now completely sold out! (Cheers again to everyone who supported, it’s much appreciated!)

Check out The Goldbricks here, or click on the Goldbricks logo below...

Design of Bricks - CASS Art Interview

CASS Art has done an interview with me, about my Bristol themed prints, which is up on the blog on their site (Click here). They have recently opened a new shop in Bristol on Park St, with a straight to the point shop front (see below).

The Bristol themed prints (below) are stocked at Co-lab in the centre of town as well as in Rise Independent Records on the Triangle. They're also available on my Big Cartel shop here.

Design of Bricks Work - Bristol Designs 3 Print Release (14th Feb 2015)

If you've got this far, you've probably seen on Instagram or Twitter that I've been working on designing three prints to represent three areas of Bristol. There might be other areas to follow but the areas I've covered so far are: Stokes Croft - 'Stokes Smokes', Clifton - 'Clifton Cigars' and Bedminster 'Bedmo - Bats'.

This 3 print release is limited to 25. They are 2-colour prints, screen printed locally (Cheers to Carillion, class job on the printing!) on A3 300gsm premium paper, hand finished with gold paint, signed and numbered.

They will be released on Friday 13th February 2015...

Until then you have a bloody good chance of winning a print by grabbing a sticker pack from the store here.