Design of Bricks Work - Recent Stuff and In-Progress...

I've been working pretty solidly for the last few months on setting up the website, vectoring up old designs, sketching new ones, selling prints and writing content for the blog.  Being the first site I've set up its taken a load of Googling and watching tutorials on how to write small bits of code, linking domains and other proper nerdy stuff like that.

Some of my good mates have been a massive help, so cheers to you guys. Mr Baglow, who is half of Bee Outdoors ( - check them out!) he's a giant nerd, both physically and mentally and has set me right on a the geeky side of things.  Also, Mr Joynes who loves all the social media stuff has helped out a load (His site is Thanks to you guys giving the facebook page likes, buying stuff and sharing posts it's always good getting feedback.

Blog posts are scheduled to go up every weekend for the next few months and aim to wack up a new design weekly too. My prints are being stocked in a few places across Bristol. I've got a few T-shirt projects in the pipeline with some Bristol locals which will hopefully be finished and being printed soon.


New stuff coming, in the meantime have a flick through the portfolio!