Design of Bricks Work - Win a Print - Sticker Packs Online (1 in 15 chance, or better!)

I'm currently hand finishing a set of 3 designs of limited edition screen prints which will be released for sale on Friday 13th (:S) February. The designs are themed around areas of Bristol, 'Stokes Smokes', 'Bedmo Bats' and 'Clifton Cigars'.

Here's how to win one of the limited edition prints....

The sticker packs (Only 15 in total) are up online NOW! One of the sticker packs bought before the release will be a winning pack and you have a 1 in 15 (or better) chance of winning a print (Not bad odds ehh!?).

So it’s random I will shuffle all the sticker packs bought and send them all out on the print release day (13th Feb).

You can get one of the limited number of sticker packs on my shop. TO GRAB ONE CLICK HERE!