Since 2003 I've been buying books and magazines on Street Art, Design, Illustration, Typography, Streetwear, Graffiti, Graphic Design and other stuff. I've reviewed some of them which have been live linked to the review blog posts on the Goldbricks. Here's a list of some of the best graffiti/art books:

Utah & Ether - Probation Vacation Zine

Pixacao: Sao Paulo Signature By Francois Chastanet

Flip the Script – A Guidebook for Aspiring Vandals & Typographers By Christian P Acker

Pussy & Papers, Poetry, Power & Pistols By Kevin Lyons

The Art of Rebellion

9eme Concept Paints For Planet Reef By Reef Shoes

From Style Writing to Art: A Street Art Anthology.

Writers United By Bjorn Almqvist & Emil Hagelin

Fuzz One: A Bronx Childhood

Access All Areas: A Users Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration

Typography Sketchbooks By Steven Heller & Lita Talarico

Dirty Graphics & Strange Characters

Street Renegades: New Underground Art By Francesca Gavin

Gates of Graffiti By Bjorn Almqvist, Torkel Sjortrand & Malcolm Jacobson

Art Inconsequence: Advanced Vandalism

Stick ‘Em Up

Nineteen Eighty Four By George Orwell

Art & Sound of Bristol Underground

The World According to Vice

Streetwear By Steven Vogel

Recipes For Disaster: An Anarchist’s Cookbook

Stylefile: Blackbook Sessions #1

Stylefile: Blackbook Sessions #2

High Grade Thoughts: Black and Yellow

Scenes Graffiti in Barcelona

Awful Homesick By Alex Pardee

Graffiti Planet

Graffiti Planet #2

Graffiti Brazil By Tristan Manco

Graffiti Asia

Banksy’s Bristol By Home Sweet Home

Blek Le Rat By Sybille Prou & King Adz


Daring to Push Boundaries By Daim

Graffiti By Sandrine Pereira

Concrete 2 Canvas: More Skateboarders Art By Jo Waterhouse

Smash Proof By Smash 137

Going Postal By Martha Cooper

Berlin Street Art 2 By Sven Zimmermann

Also Known As By 12oz Prophet

Graffiti NYC By Martinez/Nuto

Upfest By Paul Green & Jody Thomas


A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn by Grotesk

Upper Playground - 10 Years of T-shirt Graphics

The Art of D*Face: One Man and His Dog By D*Face

Mad Society By Saber

Subway Art By Martha Cooper

International Topsprayer By Moses & Taps

Passport By Above

Snowman Monkey BBQ By David Choe

Supply & Demand By Obey

We Come At Night

Art of Rebellion 2: World of Urban Art Activism By C100

Million Dollar Vanda By Desa

Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art By Sean Cliver

Respect and Love by the Worst Mother F.....s By 123 Klan

Surf Skate and Rock Art of Jim Phillips

Graffiti at its best By Montana Writers Team

Urban Iran By MBP

Graphotism (Various Issues until it shut down)

Silkscreen Basics

Outsiders By Steve Lazarides

Street Sketchbook By Tristan Manco

Banksy (Obvz)

-          Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall

-          Existencillism

-          Cut It Out

Herakut By The Perfect Merge

David Choe By David Choe

Spraycan Art By Henry Chalfant

Textura: Valencia Street Art By Luz A Martin

Acts of Vandalism & Stories of Love By Dumbo

We Own the Night By Workhorse and Pac

Children of the Can By Felix ‘FLX’ Braun

Beauty in Decay: Urban Exploration By Romany WG

Lodown: Graphic Engineering

Playful Type 2

L’Invasion de Paris 2.0 By Invader

Ma’claim: Finest Photorealistic Graffiti

Heavy Metal By Alex Fakso

Street Art Melbourne By Lou Chamberlain

Made In Detroit By Revok

London Street Art Anthology By Macnaughton

Street Logos By Tristan Manco

A Visual Compendium of Hospital Records By Ricky Trickartt & Chris Goss

Custom Kicks

Huck Magazine - Paddle Against The Flow

Holy Shriiimp: The Holy Bible Vol 1